How Business Cash Advances Can Help Seasonal Businesses Tide over Cash Crunch Issues

Running a seasonal business is akin to riding a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs, especially with regard to cash flow. Maintaining the business in the off-season and paying for unexpected expenses can be particularly challenging, especially since it’s not easy to secure funding from banks for such businesses. Business cash advances from companies such as Mantis Funding can be an attractive alternative source of financing.

Challenges of Seasonal Businesses

Seasonal businesses are unique! They allow business owners to make maximum transactions during a certain period of the year but can experience massive falls in revenue during the off-season. Examples of seasonal businesses include landscaping, vacation rentals, sports bars, and snow removal businesses to name a few.

However, businesses still need cash flow in the off-season to cover payables which remain the same throughout the year. Smart businesses try to scale back operations during the off-peak season or try to find alternative sources of revenue. However, there may be sudden expenses that require a quick infusion of working capital.

Banks Are Not The Best Option

A business cash advance from Mantis Funding can be a reliable source of financing for small seasonal businesses that find it difficult to secure funds from conventional money lenders. Banks often have stringent criteria for approvals and take into account various factors such as personal credit score before approving.

They may also ask for collateral before granting a cash advance. Moreover, the time-consuming process of approval and a fixed schedule for repayment can be a burden on the business owner. Small seasonal businesses would find it challenging to secure and repay in such cases.

Easier Approval Process for Cash Advances

One benefit of a business cash advance is that a company like Mantis Funding reviews applications rapidly and clients do not have to wait for months to get the lump sum amount in their business bank account. When you need urgent capital infusion to cover payroll or purchase goods available at a discount, this factor can make a huge difference.

Moreover, the business owner’s credit history and history of seeking business funds are not taken into account. For business cash advance approval, factors such as the ability to pay through future receivables, business models and customer base are taken into account.

Flexible Repayment Terms

Repayment for a business cash advance is in the form of a percentage of future sales that is given to the lender on an agreed periodic basis. The repayment schedule is often flexible and you can pay back more when you have more sales or pay less when you have fewer sales.

Since there is no physical collateral involved, applicable fees may be higher and the terms of the agreement may be very strict in order to protect the lender’s interests. It’s important to read the fine print and research into companies offering business cash advances before committing to one. Mantis Funding reviews online are mostly favorable, with many satisfied customers providing positive feedback.

Don’t let cash flow woes become a roadblock to the success of your seasonal business. Get over cash crunch problems with a business cash advance!

Five Ways Small Businesses Can Use Cash Advances to Grow their Business

For small businesses in America, cash advances are a useful working capital financing tool that can help avert crises and open doors to opportunities. Given below are some situations when the services of working capital funding companies like Mantis Funding can be a life-saver to micro or small businesses.

Purchase New Inventory

If you’re in the business of selling physical inventory, there are bound to be times when you’ll need extra working capital to purchase fresh inventory either to overcome shortages or prepare for busy seasons such as the holiday season. Without an adequate amount of inventory, you could end up losing out on sales during a profit-making period. By using working capital solutions by Mantis Funding, businesses can make sure they have enough inventory to meet consumer demand.

Cover Unexpected Expenses

There may be sudden, unexpected circumstances that require a quick infusion of working capital. For example, you may have an opportunity to purchase inventory at attractive discounted prices. You may experience equipment breakdown and have to repair or purchase new equipment to keep your business running. Mantis Funding reviews your application quickly and you can get your cash advance within a few hours or just a couple of days if everything is in order.

Meet Payroll Obligations

Sometimes, you may face the situation of having to miss payroll. If you know you’re going to miss payroll, you should act quickly to make working capital arrangements so that you won’t have to face potential risks such as lawsuits and tax liabilities. A traditional money lender may not be as understanding of your challenging circumstances– but Mantis Funding can be.

When providing working capital solutions to customers, there is no restriction on how the cash advance will be used. All that is considered is your ability to pay back the cash advance in a phased manner.

Overcome Cash Flow Shortages

Small businesses often face cash flow system problems due to a lack of a proper accounts receivable system. If you find that your business is short of working capital because your customers have not paid you, Mantis Funding can provide a cash advance to cover expenses in the interim period.

If you’re considering renovating business premises, you may find that traditional money lenders may not be excited about lending a small amount such as a few thousand dollars. There are no such restrictions when you are applying for a cash advance.

Obtain Financing Even if You Have Bad Credit Score

A traditional bank may reject your application if you have bad credit ratings even if your business is profitable. Mantis Funding reviews each application based on proof of consistent business revenue in the past and current times. It does not take credit rating into consideration.

The method of repayment for a merchant cash advance is also different – you will have to pay a percentage of revenues coming from sales on a periodic basis which allows you to pay back at the pace of your sales.

If you are faced with any one of the above-mentioned circumstances, you may consider merchant cash advance as a suitable working capital funding solution!

Importance Of Efficient Management Of Working Capital

Efficient working capital management is essential for a business to survive and free up cash that could be used to clear up debts or invest in another profitable venture. In small businesses, however, liquidity is always an issue mainly due to the scale of its undertakings. Most of them require injections of cash regularly at least initially to prop up their working capital and keep the venture going.

This inflow of cash happens with the help of business finance lenders such as Mantis Funding LLC or even from the personal funds of the business owner. Good management of working capital is an indication of the financial strength of the company. It helps them to meet their payment obligations easily.

It increases their liquidity and ensures it does not have to borrow from external agencies. The amount of working capital that a company has is also an indication of the profitability of the business.

Advantages Of Efficient Management Of Working Capital

The business value of a business that manages its working capital efficiently increases due to the greater cash flow. Prompt payment of suppliers and trade partners results in trade discounts and easier payment terms and thus helps to decrease the cost of inventory. When suppliers are paid correctly, there will be no interruption in the supply of raw materials leading to uninterrupted production.

These discounts also make it possible for them to supply their goods at competitive rates as compared to their rivals. They are always able to ensure that their clients receive their orders on time. This chain of positive events ultimately results in great financial benefits for the business.

Sufficient stock of raw materials will also result in the ability to meet unexpected demands without a hitch and without resorting to cash advances from financial firms such as Mantis Funding LLC. Efficient capital management is also essential for the firm to survive any unexpected crisis.

Factoring In Your Expenses Correctly With Cash Advances

The repayment of merchant cash advances from firms such as Mantis Funding is done in the same way as paying off term debts. At the outset, the borrower will know his outstanding balance and he has to make regular payments until the debt is cleared. The retrieval rate is fixed at the time of getting the cash advance and this amount is deducted from the daily revenues.

The card processing company handles this split processing so that the payments are done for every transaction that takes place. These cash advances are usually short term debts and every payment results in a reduction of the total cash advance amount.

The disadvantage of taking cash advances is that it is really expensive and could wipe out any profits you make in the short run. The cash advance is taken on the premise that there will be sufficient future sales. In the event that this does not happen, you could be in big trouble.

Easy Funding From Business Finance Lenders

The main advantage of taking cash advances from companies such as Mantis Funding is that it is extremely easy. There are minimum formalities and every effort is made by the lender to make the funds available to you quickly. This ensures that your urgent short term need for funds is met without any waste of time.

There are also no restrictions on how the cash advance is to be used, thus it is possible to use this money for all your funding needs. If you have sufficient sales, the repayment is also done quickly, thus saving you the need to keep aside an amount every month as is done for traditional options.

Take Your Food Business to the Next Level with Quick Merchant Cash Advance

Feeding hungry customers with tasty food and exceptional customer service provide immense satisfaction to anyone invested in the food truck or restaurant business. However, establishment upkeep does not come cheap and oftentimes requires additional working capital that banks and traditional money lenders may not be too keen to dispense. In such cases, a quick and easy cash advance from Mantis Funding can ease your worries and save the day.

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance
The restaurant business is a cut-throat one and one that requires establishments to put their best foot forward. The paucity of working capital is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to successfully running an establishment. Banks and traditional money lenders consider credit score and collateral security during their long and arduous process for dispensing a cash advance.

Mantis Funding LLC eliminates these challenges by offering merchant cash advance. Even businesses with low credit scores can avail a merchant cash advance upon providing proof of consistent past and current business revenue. In return, businesses agree to deliver a part of future receivables to the funder.

Why Partner Mantis Funding?
This company doesn’t offer to fund to just any business owner – for instance, they don’t provide financing to start-up companies. Mantis Funding reviews individual businesses on merit and then matches businesses with appropriate fund sources.

Once you agree to the terms and sign the contracts, the money is transferred to your business account within a matter of hours. With no cost of application, flexible terms, competitive offers and quick approvals, Mantis Funding stands apart from other companies offering merchant cash advance to small businesses.

How Restaurants Can Utilize Funds
It is strongly recommended that a business owner creates a business plan for the proper utilization of additional working capital. In the restaurant business, financing can be used to open a new location, renovate existing premises, hire additional staff, purchase inventory or invest in an online ordering system.

Restaurants are susceptible to slow business during winter months and may face cash flow problems during those months. Additional funds can be used to pay wages or cover short-term expenses during such periods.

How Food Truck Businesses Can Utilize Funds
Running a food truck can help a restaurant draw new customers and connect with existing local customers. In order to make your food truck business successful, additional funding can be used to pay for the food storage system, truck maintenance, latest cooking equipment, staffing, and marketing.

Even if you are running an independent food truck, Mantis Funding may provide funding. As mentioned, Mantis Funding reviews individual applications on merit and considers past and present revenues as criteria for funding approval.

Don’t compromise on your goal of running a superlative restaurant or food truck business. Get in touch with Mantis Funding LLC and apply for a merchant cash advance!

Storing Inventory Costs Money, So Where Can You Get Help with Funding?

When you started your business, you did not go crazy purchasing inventory because you wanted to see if the business would even take off. So, you stocked what you needed to get rolling. You also purchased a little more of the products you were certain would sell so you would not run out. That, you figured, would be a great way to lose a customer or two.

To your delight, the business took off better than you expected. You managed to be able to display all of your products without seeming too crowded and you have some space in the back to store additional inventory. But your customer base is growing, and you are running out of room to store your inventory. You stored it in your home and brought it in as needed, but this will only work for so long, that is until the place next door came open.

It Is Perfect for Storage
The storefront next to yours is smaller than yours, but it has a door connecting it to yours. Apparently, some business had at one time used both as well. You checked into the cost of the lease and based on your revenue you can afford it. The only problem you have is that since your business is new the owner wants two months as a security deposit plus the first month’s rent. Between your inventory payables and other expenses, you don’t have enough for the two-month security deposit, plus the added insurance costs.

You need some funds quickly. You do not need a lot, just a few thousand dollars, but your bank has already politely declined the provision of these funds. At the rate, your business is growing you know you are good for the loan, but now you don’t know where to go to get it. A payday loan is out of the question. Here is where a company like Mantis Funding comes in. If you work with a capital funding company like theirs, you can get a Mantis Finding cash advance to get you the funds you need to get that storefront and grow your business.

This Is Their Specialty
Capital funding companies work only with micro and small businesses to get them the ready cash they need to ensure they can stay open. They exist because they know that small businesses face short-term challenges such as these and frequently need small loans to bridge the gap They work with small businesses because they also know they are the backbone of the economy. Once Mantis Funding reviews your request and approves it, you can have the cash deposited in your account within hours of signing the contracts. Problem solved.

Prior to signing any contract, just make sure you look up the reputation of the company you want to work with. For example, looking up Mantis Funding complaints gives you a really good idea on what type of customer service to expect from them.

Should Your Small Business Consider Capital Funding to Provide Your Small Business Loan?

Micro businesses and small businesses face different challenges when they need small amounts of capital funding. Many factors can cause them to need just a few thousand dollars to be able to get by in slow or hard times. Many factors can cause a small business to need additional funding for the short-term and a bank is not always willing to accept the risk. Banks look at different variables when they review a loan application. Small businesses, especially those that haven’t been in business for very long, don’t always meet the strict standards that banks require.

For one thing, their track record may not be long enough for the bank to decide to accept the risk. The amount of funding needed and the reason it is needed may not meet their requirements. For whatever reason, a small business may not be able to get a loan from a bank and if they can, the review and approval process may take too long. This may cause the small business to have to close its doors while waiting for the funds.

What Is Good News?
The good news for a small business is that there exists what is called a capital funding company. These companies, like Mantis funding, specialize in helping micro and small businesses get the funds they need when they are having a rough time. If you contact them you could be eligible for a Mantis funding cash advance. This is what funding companies do.

Mantis funding reviews multiple aspects of your business. Unlike banks, they are less concerned about your credit score and more concerned about your business, its revenue, and what you do with that revenue. Their determination of risk is more concerned with you, as a business owner, being able to pay back the loan based on your track record since your business opened.

Fortunately, they will even fund you if your business hasn’t even been open for a year. Just make sure to look up any Mantis funding complaints to ensure you like how they deal with issues before you sign a contract with them.

How Do They Decide?
First, they will look at your business. What you do is as important as how you do it. If you have a business that is viable and has a product or service that promises to be in demand, you will have passed the first hurdle. They will also review your business model to ensure it is viable. Then they look at the revenue stream you have had since you started your business.

Did it grow? Did it remain stable? Does it fluctuate from day to day or month to month and if so, what is the fluctuation like? All businesses have fluctuations in revenue but if they are wild fluctuations it could either affect whether you get the loan or the repayment terms you are offered. Either way, once you are accepted and the contracts are signed, you will have the needed funds in your account within hours.